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1 Hr.   |  Monday's @ 7PM  |  Men & Women  

We'll dive into the book of Luke, in a virtual cafe setting, to learn what it looks like to Live the Word, today!

RSVP below to grab your seat. Once you RSVP, you'll receive weekly Cafe e-mails with details for our gatherings. See you soon!

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We'll see you soon!


Q. Do I need to have studied the bible or taken biblical courses in order to attend?

A. Nope! LTWC attendees have various backgrounds from never have opened a bible to biblical studies on a seminary level. Come just as you are!

Q. Will I be called on to answer questions during the open session?

A. Nope! We leave the floor open to those who desire to provide feedback. Some attendees sit in and take notes, while others engage. Whatever you are comfortable with works for us!

Q. What are the gender-specific Breakout Sessions like?

A. Great question! We spend about 15 minutes in our Breakout Sessions to connect with our brothers and sisters outside of the open session. It's just a brief moment for us to ask about how you are, how you're growing in Christ and to ask how we may pray for you. 

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